I am a veteran and proud of it. I served my country alongside fellow Sailors, Marines and Soldiers in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am also a 17 year veteran in law enforcement, a N.Y.S. Certified Firearms Instructor, a Glock and Sig Sauer Armorer, and team leader for my SWAT team. I have seen the harsh reality of what happens when substandard equipment meets a combat environment both here in the states and overseas. I wanted something better.......

      I was once like you......looking for a holster.....for a new gun, specifically a new gun with a tactical light. I spent almost a month online trying to find a holster for it. I didn't want to spend $100 and wait 12-16 weeks to get a holster so I decided to try my hand at making one. One became two, two became ten and I started selling them. Fast forward to today and I am making and selling holsters to a whole gambit of people: responsibly armed citizens, undercover cops, and all the way up to full fledged SWAT operators. I take pride in my work and back my holsters with a full warranty. Not that I believe it ever will, but if one of my holsters fails because of my craftsmanship, I'll replace it for free. It's that simple.

   About 4 years ago I wanted to update and improve my process and consistency to include vacuum forming instead of pressure forming. I began pricing molds and realized it might be cheaper to buy a small format CNC cutting machine and start making my own molds... to my specs.... with my hardware mounting options. I slowly learned CAD and CAM and started making my own molds for my use on my holsters.

    In late 2017, I made a vacuum forming mold for another holster maker who was in a bind and sold it to him. That was how the mold sales side of the business began. Now that has turned into more than a full time job in and of itself and we are currently running two CNC mills 50 hours per week to keep up with the demand.