Q: Do you stock certain items? 
    A: Not usually. I make almost everything to order and my current turn-around time from order date to ship date is 10-12 business days. Occasionally I have a few of my most popular holsters in stock and they may ship out faster but this is not guaranteed at this time for any holster or vacuum mold.  

Q: How long before I get my order?
    A: We ship USPS Priority Mail (usually takes 2-4 days) and you will get a tracking number via email when your order ships which is typically 10-15 business days after your order date. 

Q: I don't see my gun, cuffs, or magazine in your drop down menu; can you still make me a holster? 
    A:  At this time, we are not working on custom orders. 

Q: How do I take care of my kydex gear? 
    A: For general cleaning, mild soap and water will do the trick. Kydex is very smooth on the inside so it won't wear the finish of your gun off as quickly as leather but all holsters wear the finish on firearms. The cleaner you keep your kydex, the less it will wear on the finish of your gun. 

Q: Is there a warranty on your holsters?
    A: Yes. I offer a lifetime limited warranty. Things I don't cover include 1) Eyelet/Rivet or hardware (screws/binding post) finish wear. 2) Intentional or reckless damage from the customer (heating the holster or abnormal abuse like crushing the holster)    

Q: Do you make shoulder holsters?
    A: No.

Q: Do you make ankle holsters?
    A: No.

Q: Do you make any leather or hybrid holsters?
    A: No.