Q: What is your Lead Time? 

       A: Usually between 10-15 business days from order date to ship date. We are always working hard to ensure we keep it         as minimal as possible. 

Q: Do you ship internationally? 

       A: We can. Our website is not set up for it and there will be additional charges for international shipping. You will need         to contact us directly.  

Q: Do you have shipping options? 

        A: We currently ship USPS Priority Mail for all domestic orders. 

Q: Do you make custom molds? 

        A: Sort of..... We will attempt to match your style or add your specific blocking and make changes with an additional         fee. None of the prices or additional charges include "revisions" once the mold is cut. Truly "custom" molds usually         cost $1000 or more for a reason. 

Q: Do you drill air holes or ventilation for the underside of the mold? 

        A: No. It isn't something everyone wants or needs based on their style of forming holsters and it is labor intensive on         our end. In an effort to keep our prices down, we do not include this service. If you want them drilled, we recommend         using a 1/16" drill bit and making holes around the profile of the mold about every inch and around all protruding and         recessed features on the mold. 

Q:  What are the "drill index points"? 

        A: Small dimples on the mold that allow you to put the tip of a drill bit in and drill to keep you all your holes aligned.         We recommend using a small drill bit first (1/8th) first and then widening to whatever size you need. At times using a         larger diameter bit first will allow enough error to mis-align the holes.   

Q: Does your FOMI blocking include cant/tilt options? 

        A: Yes. There are dimples on the FOMI blocking for zero degree and 10 degree cant. 

Q: Do your RCS/HH/TC index points allow for the use of a "wing/concealment wing" ? 

        A: Yes. We place the index points with this in mind as well.