Outside the Waistband Holster (OWB)

Outside the Waistband Holster (OWB)

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Looking for a concealable holster for a larger gun? Don’t like carrying inside-the-waistband? This is the solution for you: Our OWB holster features a traditional pancake design with no unnecessary material or bulk which helps keep it very low profile. The rounded edges and contours of the holster keep it comfortable against your body for all day wear. We mold, shape, and contour the holster to hug your body for better concealment.  Adjustable Retention is included so you can tailor the retention to suit your needs with a common screwdriver - no special tools required. A full sweat guard comes standard to keep your body or clothing from interfering with the draw or when re-holstering. This also keeps your sweat (think salt and corrosion) off your gun. Injection molded polymer/nylon belt loops are damn near indestructible. The bottom of the holster is intentionally kept open so dust, dirt and debris can easily fall out or be washed out to keep your holster and gun cleaner. We specifically tailor the holster so you can get a full firing grip on the gun before drawing it from the holster. This is important in a "time is life" event so if you have to draw quickly, you don’t need to re-grip your gun in order to use it. This holster is also IDPA compliant. All OWB holsters come with a forward cant/tilt to aid in concealment and correct ergonomic draw from concealment. 


- Comfortable enough for daily concealed carry

- “Pancake” design for low profile

- Rugged yet light and thin .080” Kydex

- Adjustable Retention

- Rounded, polished edges and contours maximize comfort 

- Built in forward cant/tilt for ease of concealment and draw