Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your Lead Time? 

       A: Usually between 2 to 3 weeks from order date to ship date. We are always working hard to ensure we keep it as minimal as possible. The lead time is an estimate. It is NOT a promise or guarantee. We're not responsible for shipping delays or any promises you make to your customers. If you email us about a lead time you will probably not get a response. This lead time has been the same for about 5 years now. It is also listed on every product page as part of the product description. In some cases, such as our aluminum molds, the lead time may be slightly longer as we have to do a lot of work to convert one of our machines from dry cutting urethane to wet cutting aluminum - something we are not going to do on a daily basis simply due to the inefficiency of that process.  


Q: Do the holsters made from your molds fit optics/Mini Red Dots? 

     A:  Generally yes. The blocking we have in place accommodates most red dots out there and our trim jigs remove enough material to allow for most of them. Some models may not fit extended optics like the Trijicon SRO but if you let us know that you need that, we can double check that for you. Canted OWB mold sets may have issues with some red dots that sit far forward as in order to move the gun up high enough to clear the optic your holster gets very top heavy and the ride height is just too tall. Again, if you let us know you absolutely need that, we will try to accommodate you. We also cannot guarantee that every new optic that comes to the market will fit as we cannot test everything  when it comes out and no one consults us in the design phase. 


Q: Do holsters made from molds fit suppressor height sights?

     A: Generally yes. We make sure they can fit most suppressor height sights but we can't test every possibly combination out there so if a company comes out with new sights that are a half inch tall, for instance, we are not going to change our entire mold lineup and trim jigs to accommodate one new thing out there. IF we know a model comes with very tall sights from the factory (FNX45 Tactical comes to mind) we make sure the sight channel is wider to accommodate them.  


Q: Will you rush my order?

       A: No. It's first come, first served here to be fair to all of our customers.  


Q: Will you rush my order if I pay extra? 

      A: No. See above.  If we let the "big spenders" pay to rush their orders, which they would certainly do, most of our customers would suffer longer lead times and we don't think that is fair. 


Q: Do you ship internationally? 

       A: Yes we can. Our website is not set up for it and there will be additional charges for international shipping. You will need to contact us directly via email at and we will send you an invoice for the international shipping charges.


Q: Do you have different shipping options? 

        A: We currently ship USPS Priority Mail for all domestic orders. We have no FedEx or UPS drop off in any reasonable distance from our shop and the post office is on the way home. 


Q: Do you make custom molds? 

        A: Sort of..... We can attempt to match your style, add your specific blocking, or make slight changes, sometimes with an additional fee. None of the listed prices or additional charges would include "revisions" (making you another mold) for style changes- in other words, once the mold is cut you own it. Truly "custom" molds usually cost $1000 or more for a reason. 


Q: Do you drill air holes or ventilation for the underside of the mold? 

        A: Only on aluminum molds because that process is extremely difficult for the end user to do with simple hand tools. For the urethane molds it isn't something everyone wants or needs based on their style of forming holsters and it is labor intensive on our end. We use vacuum to hold down our molds during the manufacturing process - if we drill through them they would come off the machine, get broken, and likely ruin something in our machines. In an effort to keep our prices down, we do not include this service. If you want/need to drill them, we recommend using a 1/16" drill bit and making holes around the profile of the mold about every inch and around all protruding and recessed features on the mold. 


Q:  What are the "drill index points"? 

        A: Small dimples on the mold that allow you to put the tip of a drill bit in and drill to keep you all your holes aligned. We recommend using a small drill bit first (1/8th) first and then widening to whatever size you need. At times using a larger diameter bit first will allow enough error to mis-align the holes. We set ours up with 15mm/.591" spacing which fits most overhook style clips and most mod-wing type accessories. 


Q: Does your FOMI blocking include cant/tilt options? 

        A: Yes. There are dimples on the FOMI blocking for zero degree and 15 degree cant. 


Q: Does your FOMI blocking accept DCC Monoblock metal clips? 

     A: Yes. Our hole spacing is .885" and this is in the range of the oblong holes on the DCC Monoblock and FOMI clips.


Q: Do your RCS index points allow for the use of a "wing/concealment wing" ? 

        A: Yes. We place the index points with enough distance from the trigger guard with this in mind as well. 


Q: Do you accept returns? 

        A: Not unless we made a mistake on your order. All of our products are "made to order" with the options you choose. Therefore we are out the materials themselves, the cost of the materials, the machining time, wear and tear on our machines and CNC bits, and the shipping expenses.  If we make a mistake, let us know and we will make it right. If you make a mistake, we expect you to take the same responsibility in that. 


Q: What do I do if I received my mold and it was damaged during shipping? 

      A: Contact us via email at We insure all packages and will replace the damaged molds. We will need pictures of the damages including the packaging for the insurance company. 


Q: What are your molds made out of? 

      A: A urethane based composite material, not plastic, not wood, not MDF. If you're not in this exact industry, trade names or brand names probably mean nothing to you anyway. Some of our molds are available in aluminum.


Q: Will your molds warp? 

      A: Yes. Anything subjected to enough heat and frequent enough heat cycles on one side of the mold will warp. How fast this occurs and the degree of warpage are contingent on how hot you get the mold and how quickly the mold is reheated. We have been using some of the same molds we cut 6 years ago and by rotating between 3-5 molds, for instance a Shield, a Glock 19, a P365XL, and a Glock 48  before returning to the first mold we started with, they have held up fine over the years. If you batch form holster shells all day long on the same mold, you'd be better off with an aluminum mold. 


Q: Do you offer a warranty? 

      A: No. See the above answer related to warping. We have absolutely no control over how the end user uses their mold and therefore cannot account for everything someone might do with our products. 


Q: What do I do if the holster I made doesn't fit?

       A: First - make sure you're checking the fit with the real gun. This is one of the most common problems we get contacted about and molding prop guns are NOT dimensionally accurate. On a side note - if you're folding shells over a molding prop gun, you should rethink your process. We fold our shells over a real gun with a layer of blue tape on each side of the slide for clearance and check fit with a real gun. 

       Second - the next most common problem we hear about is drill holes not lining up......please check the above FAQ on drill index points. If you're starting with a 1/4 drill bit with a shallow angled point to save time, you might be drilling the holes oblong or misaligned enough to make things not fit right. We suggest starting with an 1/8" drill bit. 

     Third - Make sure you're getting your material hot enough and have enough vacuum power. If you need tips on this there are tons of videos, forums, and social media posts out there to cover EVERYTHING you need to know about your material, your heater, your vacuum, etc. We can't fit it all here. 


Q: Do you sell CAD files. 

        A: No. We spend several days designing our molds and testing them and will not part with our designs. It is a complicated and lengthy process that takes up thousands of dollars to produce a single model.


Q: Will you come to my shop and set up a CNC machine for me to cut molds or trim paths? 

       A: No.


Q: Will you sell me a CNC file for the trimming path to use on my CNC machine? 

       A: No. I wouldn't know the first thing about your machine, the post processer to use, or the WCS or distances you're going to use for your set up............ and generally it isn't as simple as most people think it is.


Q: What if you don't have a gun or light listed that I want a mold for?

      A: Send us an email at and we will try to work something out with you. Please do not just send us guns, lights or lasers without checking in with us first. As stated above, the process to scan, design, model and test guns and lights takes several days and we have to make business decisions where we at least believe the return on investment will be there.


Q: Can I use your molds for pressure forming with foam? 

        A: I am not sure. We design the molds with the sole intention of using them in a vacuum former. We test them in a vacuum former with no membrane. We cannot guarantee that they will work the same or survive your process if you're doing something completely different with them. 


Q: Can I use your trimming jigs with molds made by another company?

      A: Probably not. We design our trim jigs for use with our molds. If the shell made from a different mold fits on our trim jigs, it is purely coincidental and not our intention. There are too many variables to account for in someone else's design.